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mind vomit

read this. ESPECIALLY if you are in a band trying to get off the ground, this is the real deal and exactly what it is like. 

and this is why you should BUY CDS and SHIRTS if you are a fan. or the band you love, will eventually not survive. 

my tumblr is the place where I really share my personal thoughts.

and my thoughts on this are:

ya, when I was lil immature shit head, I used to burn and download my music and steal it and whatever…. 

well i havnt done that in awhile, cause when I like a band, I FUCKING BUY THEIR SHIT. 

even if I am on tour with a band. ya I could get BOTDF and Deuce cds for free obviously, but I didnt, I fucking bought them. Because I support good music and so should you.

NYD is still in this middle ground where we do make money, but theres so many expenses to being in a band that its still really tough. 

buy the cd on itunes for fucks sake. most EPs and album are less than starbucks, I mean seriously.

musicians put heart and fucking soul and sacrifice so much into the music that is made. that starbucks coffee was made with zero fucks, and most people are willing to pay for that shit.

wake up, open your eyes or before you know, the ONLY music out there will be what the big corporate execs decide is what you will listen to, because the smaller artist just couldnt make it financially. so unless you want nothing but beiber, gaga, perry, and what ever else mind vomit you enjoy shutting off your brain cells to, I suggest putting a few dollar aside and spending it on your favorite bands tshirts and cds. fuck.

read this article, a very accurate depiction of what life is like for the average band.
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    So true! And as a fan I love to hold the physical copy of the CD and see all the artwork and hard work put into it.
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